WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress Membership Plugin

Wordpress Membership Site Plugin

WP Pro Members is a feature packed WordPress Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a WordPress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal, ClickBank and WorldPay.

WP Pro Members turns your WordPress into a full automated membership website in minutes. WP Members has a lot of powerful features, however it’s, very easy to use. After being  installed, you can have your own full automated membership site up and working.

Feature Included

Multiple Membership Levels
Your membership site can have multiple levels. So if you want “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! Now you can charge more for a higher level of access – all within the same blog.

Simple Integration With New or Existing WordPress Blog
Whether you have an existing WordPress site or if you are starting a new one, managing WP Members is very easy. After some easy configurations steps, your blog will be ready to get new members.

Flexible Membership Options
Each membership level can have unlimited subscriptions. You can charge monthly while offering a discount for annual subscriptions. You can force specific payment terms for individual membership levels, you may want one membership level to only be available to annually paying members. Each subscription can vary anywhere from 1 day to 24 years, you decide the exact recurring length of individual subscriptions allowing complete control.

Page/Post Delay
Post or Page delay allows user to set a delay (in days) before a member see’s certain content, this allows site owners to develop courses with content being made available on a weekly, monthly basis. Post Delay when combined with WP Members content protection is the perfect basis for membership sites

Control Viewed Content
If you don’t want your members to see content they don’t have access to, just click the “Hide” button. This works REALLY well if you have a “modular” membership and only want people in “Module 1″ to see “Module 1″ and not “Module 2,3,4,5″ etc.

Payment Modules Integration
WP Pro Members seamlessly integrates with PayPal, ClickBank, Zombaio and WorldPay. If you don’t want a module just deactive They will not appear on the registration page any more.

Easy Member Management
At a glance you can see your members, their registration status, membership level and much more. It’s also a snap to upgrade members, move them to different levels, “pause” their membership or delete them entirely.

Multi-Level Access
WP Pro Members can go beyond just a membership site as you can easily give your members access to multiple levels within your membership (this works well if you’d like to create a central download location).

Entire Blog Protection
In general settings in WP  Pro Members there is an option to disable access to guests, this will mean a Guest will be asked to redirect whenever they reach a WordPress post or page of any sort including the front page, categories etc. Once logged in the normal partial or full protection can be assigned to separate content depending on account types. This is a very draconian method of turning your site into a complete membership site and not recommended for normal use, instead use full post protection on all pages and posts barring sales pages.

Secure RSS With Tokens
WP Pro Members allows you to provide members with full content via feeds without fear of non users accessing it. Using specially generated tokens to provide a unique url known only to the admin and the users people can add your sites content into their RSS reader.

Subscription Length Control
With this feature you can control the length of time each member has access to your membership site. Now you can automatically expire a membership after 3 days, 7 days or whatever time period you want.

Login Redirection
If you would like to control the first page your members see when they login, now you can. The best part is, you can have a different redirection page for each membership level. It’s perfect for adding welcome messages, updates, news and so much more.

Pay Per Post Access

No not the well known Blog Review Service! Pay Per Post allows Members with Free Membership type to purchase posts they would not normally be able to see. Once enabled each post can have its own price and a user can have multiple purchases allowing for a very flexible system.

Custom Error Pages
You have full control over the messages that your members see. You can change them to anything you want, customizing the over all feel of your membership site.

Partial Content Display
WP Pro Members has a simple mechanism to protect a post or part of the post through the use of [ private ] [ /private ] tags, anything in these tags will not show to users not logged in or those who do not have the correct role as defined in the right hand side of a post write or managed page. This allows very flexible system, given non users the ability to see extracts or partial content or even the whole content with key sections removed.

Download Manager
Downloads in WP Pro Members are protected through inherited permissions, this sounds complicated but it is not. When a download is created and needs to be protected it is assigned an existing page. Who ever can access that page can access the download even though the link to the download might be on hundreds of pages.

Unlimited Support

SupportWhen you need help, we’re always here to support you.

We have unlimited ticket based priority support that our team is available WeekDays, 10am-6pm EST whenever you need us.

If the videos or FAQ’s don’t answer your questions, just ask our help desk team.

During our help desk hours you’ll get a response from us max in 24 hours.

If you submit a ticket outside of those hours, you’ll hear from us the next business day. We know how important for you getting your site up quickly. That’s why our help desk team ready to answer and solve the questions in support hours.

Screencast 1 – How to hide partial post with [private] tag

Screencast 2 – Admin Panel

More Training Videos

Paypal Subscription


PayPal SubscriptionWP Pro Members primary payment gateway is Paypal allowing you to set up both one off payments and Subscriptions using its flexible payment system.
What is PayPal?
Anybody who lives in a country which has access to Paypal can use it, allowing you to accept members from all over the world.

Clickbank Subscription

ClickBank Subscription
WP Pro Members Secondary gateway allows you to process payments via Clickbank one of the biggest online market places.

WorldPay Integration

WorldPay IntegrationWorldPay provides a globally connected, locally coordinated payment processing service for all sorts of businesses, big and small.

But that’s not all…

When you decide to purchase a WP Members plugin, we’ll include some bonuses


With the purchase of a WP Pro Members Plugin, you’ll also get immediate access to a variety of very helpful and time-saving bonuses.

Bonus #1BONUS #1 – One of the better ebooks we’ve seen that goes in to great detail about how to start a highly profitable membership website. Over 191 pages quality content.

Not only does it have a load of content, it also includes extra’s like email promo’s, ezine promo’s and a number of added graphics. While it may be a little dated, it still contains some powerful information.


Bonus #2BONUS #2 – Over 300 PNG & Gif, high quality icons in two iconon sets. About Icons; When it comes to icons, web designers and graphic artists have an excellent opportunity to showcase their craft, prove their experience and explore their creativity. A sweet, nice icon set is a perfect showcase of designer’s work and a powerful instrument to build up your reputation online.

In fact, designers make use of it, creating absolutely amazing icon sets and offering them for free download. The result: hundreds and hundreds of sets available almost everywhere, usually not that well executed and often duplicated from other sets. However, there are indeed high-quality icon sets.


Bonus #3BONUS #3 –8 Review Themes and plugins;
Brand New Best Diet Review WP Site -Two Different Colors
Best “Ex Back” Books Reviewed WP Site  – Two Different Colors
Best Tatoo Designs WP Site
Forex WordPress Theme
Best Hosting Review Site
Energy WordPress Theme Site

Comes with detailed installation and setup instructions in pdf format & easy to use plugin was designed just for these WordPress themes.



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