Starting a Paid Membership Site With WordPress

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Whatever you call them – member only, membership, subscription, or mentor websites, they all have one thing in common. They are bringing in steady and constant cash flow for their owners, month after month, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The array of the topics of these websites is endless.

Some of these paid membership sites provide mentoring or coaching, others publish useful articles or information in a particular field or product. Still others publish the results of tests and studies or product reviews. Some membership sites provide specialized service or act as a meeting place for people with a common interest and then there are those that provide step-by-step instructions for such things as painting or music.

All these sites have one thing in common: to access the website (or the best information on the site) you have to pay for it! Which begs the question…why would anybody pay for information on the Internet?

The answer is simple. People buy information that they could probably find for themselves if they looked long enough and hard enough, because they want to save time or because they think the information will be better or more specialized or because the information just isn’t available to them unless they pay for it.

Just a few short years ago it was almost unheard of to charge for access to a website and almost no one was doing it. Today, however, it is the norm and not the exception. Actually we have Internet dating sites to thank for this huge money making opportunity.

The Internet dating industry began with free membership sites that were mostly populated by nerds, weirdoes and perverts. It was quickly discovered that ordinary people would gladly pay to have access to lists where the posters had been screened even just a little. Now people actually expect to pay for access to valuable.

WordPress For A Membership Website

WordPress is the most common blogging system in the world, it’s free and very easy to use, that’s why it’s the best. There are a lot of plugins to customize your WordPress. WP Members is the one of the best WordPress Membership Plugins that turns your WordPress into a full automated membership website in minutes.

7 Criterias For WordPress Membership Site Plugins


Building a membership site can be a great way to have a business based upon topics that you love and love to teach to other people. Membership sites can be extremely lucrative and, if structured correctly, easy to run especially if you tie it together with a content management system like WordPress.

Many people think of WordPress as just a blogging platform but with the thousands of developers that work on it, WordPress can be so much more. One of newer applications of WordPress is to use it as a membership site. There are a number of new companies creating WordPress membership site plugins but they are not made equal. When deciding whether one of the available options is right for you, be sure to filter your choices using the criteria below:

1- Membership Levels & Types: Your membership site can have as many “levels” as you want. So if you want “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! Now you can charge more for a higher level of access – all within the same blog.

2- RSS Feed Encryption: WP Members allows you to provide members with full content via feeds without fear of non users accessing it. Using specially generated tokens to provide a unique url known only to the admin and the users people can add your sites content into their RSS reader.
3- Download Manager: Downloads in WP Members are protected through inherited permissions, this sounds complicated but it is not. When a download is created and needs to be protected it is assigned an existing page. Who ever can access that page can access the download even though the link to the download might be on hundreds of pages.

4- Payment Gateways: Some plugins work only with Paypal, which is a major limitation. WP Members works also PayPal, ClickBank and WorldPay.

5-Training & Support: Having a strong customer service function is important for any business. If you don’t notice an easy way to get in contact with the developer of the plugin then you should be concerned! Also, there should be training manuals or videos that teach you how to use the plugin.

6- Entire Blog Protection: In general settings in WP Members there is an option to disable access to guests, this will mean a Guest will be asked to redirect whenever they reach a WordPress post or page of any sort including the front page, categories etc. Once logged in the normal partial or full protection can be assigned to separate content depending on account types. This is a very draconian method of turning your site into a complete membership site and not recommended for normal use, instead use full post protection on all pages and posts barring sales pages.

7- Guarantee: Does the developer back their work? At minimum there should be a 30 money back guarantee with no strange and complex rules to get a refund. Beware if you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with their WordPress membership plugin.

Secure Your WordPress Blog

Secure Your Blog

This is a very quick and useful tutorial on how to maximize your revenue while also improving security for your WordPress Membership sites.

For this tutorial we will use:

* WP Members – Probably the best wordpress membership plugin
* Login Lockdown – Helps prevent brute force attacks

Password Sharing vs Password theft

Your Minder protects a membership site from two common forms of revenue loss through password sharing and theft. In both cases people who shouldn’t have access to your content are gaining access either because someone is willing to share passwords or because a password has broken normally because some one has guessed or used a program to crack the account. In many ways the first is more serious then the second as it is the user that has let the person in and before wed go much further we need to understand why?
Why do people password share?

If password sharing is happening often its worth taking a moment to think why people feel they can/should share their passwords. Here are just a few reasons:

* Group account – the user bought it for use by a group of people who all chipped in
* Company account – like a group account but they bought it for a company or formal organization use.
* Bad content – the content is so bad the user wishes he hadn’t paid for it and publishes his details so others don’t
* Great content – the content was so amazing everyone wanted it.
* Limited access – maybe the price is to high or the number of members has been deliberately locked meaning some users just couldn’t get access.
* I’ll buy one, you buy one – surprisingly common buddy sharing where users swap passwords on a one to one basis.

Obviously some of these things can be fixed, others not but if password sharing is common problem its worth looking at the underlying root cause as well as preventing the problem.
Turn a lockout to a sale

Every time we lock out an account there are going to be at least 2 parties, the paying member and the one or more non paying members. The page where they are redirected needs to cater for both but is primarily aimed at the non members. Think of it as a second sales page these are people who clearly are interested in your site and are willing to go to some pretty nefarious means to get what they want if they have been locked out buying their way back in particularly if the deal is good may just seem easier.
Secure Your WordPress Blog E-Book

Secure Your WordPress Today

Secure Your WordPress Today

What do you need to know to create a membership site?

The answer is so simple, you need a wordpress blog and our plugin, that’s all. You don’t need to know any html or php code information to create your membership site. Easy to use and full automated system will help you make money online fast.

What features do have our plugin?

Our WordPress Membership Plugin has;

Multiple Membership Levels
Customized Subcriptions
Full Automated Membership System
Easy Member Management System
Costomizable Error Messages
Login & Register Page Styling

About Our Plugin;

Your Members is a feature packed Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a WordPress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal.

More About WordPress Membership Plugin

Prevent Losing Time and Money on Your Blog

Starting a blog can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can establish your credibility in pretty much any industry you can think of, so long as people take you seriously. On the other, it can be a horrible drain on your time and energy.

This article’s vision is to help you create a successful blog that isn’t a time suck on your life, thereby saving you money and frustration.

Blogs, as opposed to other kinds of websites, possess several distinct advantages such as the latest additions are prominently and immediately front-paged for visitors or returning visitors to see. Your online presence, therefore, is always fresh and intriguing (hopefully) to your readership. By extension, blogs also update themselves to search engines, letting the rest of the online world know about new content.

With the great potential for consistent and increased traffic due to the nature of blogs, it doesn’t take a leap of logic to see how blogs can create earning potential for the owner. You can do this with a marketing strategy, this means everything you need to develop for a product, service or business, this is to make potential customers aware of it, making them want it and then selling this to them with the intention for them to come back again.  You can start by making an approachable website with a  professional website development company to have a good and creative work.

Direct advertising, affiliate marketing, product reviews and contextual advertising all can aid the blog owner in generating varying degree of wealth, even better if we find a way to promote our blog, maybe using a marketing services from companies as The Indexer that are great at these. Of course, all of these methods are somewhat dependent on the amount of traffic to your site.