Easy Ways to Increase Your Web Site Traffic

There are many, many ways to increase the number of visitors to your website. Here are but a few tips, some kind of wacky while others staples of any good blogging ethic.

1) Write more content. Seems simple enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many people think that one post a week is sufficient to lure visitors to their site. That ain’t gonna cut it, brothers and sisters. More content of good quality will ensure that readers come back to visit your website.
2) Having your own domain and URL will go a long way in generating more traffic because the domain name itself will set you apart from other blogs on, say, WordPress.
3) A good design and layout gives the visitor the impression that they’re in competent hands. Sloppy design and harsh color scheme are big turn-offs.
4) Asking questions in your posts is important too, because it will encourage your readers to participate and make them feel welcome. Plus it will focus your writing too because it will provide direction in which to take your post by having to answer the question at times.

5) Having a good internet connection is essential for an online website business so you can’t manage it if you don’t have good connectivity, and if you are having issues the best thing to do is to  call customercaretoll.com for a tech expert to give you service and guidance in any issue.
6) Commenting on other blogs that pertain to your subject and subtlety leaving a link to your blog post is an unobtrusive way to increase readership.

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  1. Sometimes traffic is not important, important thing is targeted traffic.

  2. I use adwords to increase my site traffic but it’s really not much effective. For more traffic you should optimize your site with SEO tool.

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