1. Do I need a domain address to buy your service?

– Yes, you should have a domain address and also a hosting package.

2. Can I trust your system?

– Sure, we have installed our system in many different domain and all of them work well.

3. How long does it take installation?

– We can install your website in (maximum) 24 hours.

4. Do I have to do something after payment?

– Yo don’t have to do something after payment, may┬ájust lay back and wait us to complete installation.

5. Can I use your system for Members Only Site

– Sure, you can use for Members Only site (You need to disable both Free and Trial Mode)

6. Are the prices listed on your web sites for products one-time fees or annual fees?

– The prices listed on our website are one-time fees, not annual or renew fees

7. Can I transfer the membership the WP Membership plugin to the new domain without any issues?

– We can transfer/activate the membership plugin whenever you wish without any issues.

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