The Easiest Way To Create A Membership Site

The Easiest Way To Create A Membership Site

Are you an expert in an area and know a lot about it?

If yes, you are sitting on a goldmine(but don’t know about it!). You can utilize your knowledge about the area to earn thousands of dollars. I can see you asking “How?”

The answer is “a membership site”.  In this article, I will show you how you can earn thousands of dollars easily and easiest way to create a membership site.

What is a membership site?

A membership site is one where people pay to get access. Yes, you read it right, people pay to get access. If you are an expert in a subject, you can easily setup a membership site and earn a lot.

How much can I earn?

I knew that you would ask this. With membership sites, only sky is the limit. Many experts charge $800+ for access to their membership sites. Now, imagine if you had a site like that and got 5 new members everyday, you could easily earn $4000 everyday!

If membership sites are so wonderful, why have not seen many around?

When some money making formula or system gets leaked, thousands of me-too sites crop up around it. But same thing is not with membership sites. Why? Because it is not easy to create a membership site. Ever heard of blogs? Once people discovered that money can be made with them, everyone started blogging. This happened because it is very easy to create a blog. But since membership sites are not that easy to setup, they have not cropped up like blogs.
Advantages of Membership Sites

When you run a membership site, there’s no need to constantly add new content. You can build the site once and continue earning from it. You can choose the payment types and can even set up recurring subscriptions! With recurring subscriptions, income will never stop!

It is easier to promote a membership site. By offering affiliate commissions, you can get lot of publicity for free!
Want to create a membership site?

I am sure that you want to setup a membership site now. Till now, it was very difficult to setup a site like that. You would need coders, designers to work and they would alone cost thousands. But not now! Using our simple WP Members plugin, you can create a membership site in minutes.

WP Members is a plugin for WordPress, one of the most used and stable content management software around. Using WordPress and WP Members, you an set up an advanced membership site in a couple of days!

Here are some features of WP Members plugin:

* Payment Types: It’s upon you to decide whether you want to charge one time for full access or charge on monthly/yearly basis. You can even customize the membership period to anything from 1 day to unlimited.
* Payment Gateways: You are free to choose any payment gateway you like. Members can pay using PayPal, Clikbank etc.
* Secure Feeds: One of the biggest problems with WordPress is that anyone can easily access feeds. But WP Members covers this hole and makes sure that only members get access to feeds.
* Membership Levels: Not all your customers have same needs. With WP Members, you can create membership levels easily. So, your “silver” level will get access to only modules assigned to them and so on.
* Sneak Peaks: Want to offer previews of your content? You can easily do that as the plugin hides everything after “more” tag of WordPress from non members. This way, you can offer a preview to non members to encourage them to join!

* And much more… There are many other benefits like login redirection control. custom error pages etc. Once you buy this plugin, you will find out how powerful it is.

If you buy this plugin, this is going to be best investment of your life! What are you waiting for? Click here to buy it.