WordPress Simple:Press Integration

Simple:Press Integration in Your Membership Site Should Not be Difficult

Simple:Press is what you use integrate forums in a WordPress site. This is in fact what you need to encourage participation among your members especially so if you are running a paid membership website and you need a forum for your members to feel that sense of community, and as what you have heard, forums are already a necessity these days to improve retention rates.

The only problem for a lot of webmasters around is that Simple:Press integration may turn a supposedly exclusive forum into a public one, which webmasters don’t like. With the right membership plugin, you will be able to ensure that your forum is going to be strictly for paid members only. Take advantage because this is a complimentary plugin. Here are the key points you need to remember:

1. Security

Fact of the matter is, there are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help you setup a forum in your membership site. Sad truth however is that most of these plugins do not consider security that the forums are being turned into a public forum which defies the goals and the principles of a paid membership site. Even Simple:Press if used alone or with a wrong plugin, your forum could turn into a public one which is what you need to avoid.

2. Integration

Simple:Press is essentially easy to integrate with WordPress but is in fact overwhelming to some webmasters. What you have to remember is that upon creation of a forum strictly for members only, you need a forum plugin that can easily integrate with WordPress, AND another membership plugin that integrates both on the forum plugin and your WordPress core.

3. Integration

Your forum will have to stand out as a mere selling point aside from the fact that it has to allow only exclusive access. This means that you have to ensure your membership plugin can draft a sales page for the forum itself. The solution for this is the Magic Members plugin that will create for you a sales page template that will make sure your forum is private, and to make sure that your forum is a PAID subscription forum not accessible to the public.

4. Stability

If you found all the membership plugins that you need, you will have to consider another potential problem and this is stability. If you are an experienced WordPress user, an update will just be coming from nowhere. This is true for most plugins and Simple:Press is not an exception. You can just imagine the problems with a piece-meal plugin that for every update, you encounter compatibility problems or some important functions are suddenly disabled. This is where Magic Members solve it all; this commercial plugin ensures that your membership plugin is compatible with your WordPress core and with the Simple:Press plugins.

Easy integration of Simple:Press with your WordPress membership site will only depend on the kind of membership software that you will use. Using the Magic Members plugin takes care of this convenience for you, even if newer updates are released with each component and with WordPress itself.

Advantage of WordPress over Other CMS Platforms

A good and effective webmaster knows the vital importance of choosing a good CMS. It will all depend on his needs because the tools required vary in every available platform. Popular options are always Joomla or Drupal, though WordPress has been more successful in standing out making it the lead choice of most webmasters around. Listed below are some good reasons why WordPress is considered the best CMS option available.

1. They have developed QUICK

If you will notice, WordPress came out with major and minor updates even faster than Drupal or Joomla could have ever done. This includes their most recent update last June which was known to become WordPress 3.0. What caught the excitement? It is now able to integrate WordPress-MU while adding a lot more options to make website creation a breeze – even for first timers and advanced users alike. They reacted so fast to security threats compared to competition. How? It’s obviously the strong development community surrounding and supporting WordPress, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise why updates regularly come in really fast.

2. They are so FLEXIBLE.

Take a look at how WordPress was designed. The plugins itself are designed in such a way that it can literally create a website into anything the webmaster needs and wants. From a mere blogging platform the growing thousands of plugins have evolved it into an impressive power horse; you can now create full blown websites to squeeze pages, membership sites, and sales pages. This is why WordPress continues to enjoy the presence and the support of millions and millions of webmasters (and still counting).

3. They are Search Engine Friendly.

WordPress is just one of the rare few content management systems specifically designed for another important goal: It is search engine friendly. Faster load times with a lightweight core is just becoming too important these days, as their setup controls makes a search engine’s job very easy.
Add the fact that their growing number of plugins DOES enhance SEO big time, it’s nice to know that you’re hitting a lot of birds with one stone.

4. It just requires a Short Learning Curve.

As you try to compare it with Drupal or even Joomla, WordPress is so easy to learn. Take a look at the dashboard, try using some controls, and you’ll be surprised how easy and intuitive it is. Download and install plugins without having to leave the dashboard, update the core, plugins, and get important updates with just one click, you’re done. You’ve done a lot of work in such a short time.

WordPress will continue to enjoy a huge following and the secret lies in its growing community – formidably strong and ever so active. The continuous change has to be there to meet the needs of a growing variety of webmasters too. With its rapid development, sheer flexibility, SEO friendliness and a small learning curve to adapt, these qualities seal in the number one spot for WordPress as the top choice CMS of any intuitive webmaster.

Why You Should Start a Membership Site

Why You Should Start a Membership Site

Membership sites have been proven to be one of the most effective methods of generating serious, residual income online. They also require the least amount of work to get started. With the combination of minimal start-up effort and maximum profitability, it is no wonder why membership sites have become such a profitable business model.

Over the years, wordpress has emerged to be the absolute best platform for membership sites. They are easily the most flexible and easy to use content management systems on the internet. The best part is that it created by an open source community, which means it is completely free to use.

The entire process of setting up a membership site with wordpress can be completed with an hour or two. All you need to do is install wordpress, which can be completed in a matter of seconds. Next, you choose a theme that will control the layout of your membership site. Finally, you install a series of plugins to optimize your SEO, control your membership and administration, create a forum, chat rooms, videos, as well as control any additional features that you may need to add to your site.

The best part about wordpress is that you do not need to be a website design junkie or even a wordpress guru. WordPress was designed to that anyone can create a great website in a matter of minutes.

The best part of creating a membership site is that it does not have to be finished in order to start profiting from it. Additionally, once you have your site finished, you can profit from it for years. If you create a micro-continuity membership site, which has become one of the most profitable and popular models, you only need one week of content to get started. A micro continuity site is a membership site with a pre-determined end. For example a 6 month course on dog grooming. The member will only stay signed up for 6 months and then the “class” is over. It is like taking a college course.

Think of a continuity membership site like teaching a class because that is essentially what you are doing. You only need the first weeks content to start registering new members. Then you create all of the lessons you need, for example 6 months, and you are done. New members can be signing up years later which generates ongoing profits from a one-time effort. Once you are done with your membership site, you can move onto the next.

Micro continuity membership sites have proven to be one of the most profitable online business models because you can set them up quickly and they need no further maintenance. This one-time effort can create profits for years to come.

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