Deciding on Your Membership Model

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The model you decide upon for your membership site is of the utmost importance and the one you choose depends upon your objectives. There are basically two types of membership sites. There are free sites and there are paid for sites. The two types of membership sites have one thing is common. Their memberships are made up of people who share a common need or have a common interest.

You can, of course, buy a domain, set up a website and not charge for memberships but choose who to admit and who not to admit. Or you can just set up a site on an already established network. Two examples of free membership sites are Group sites on MSN and groups on Yahoo. It costs nothing to set these sites up and there is no charge at all for a person to join.

There are no paid administrators or moderators. Each site sets its own rules for how to join and the code of conduct for the site. The site topics are many and varied. There are many “support” sites for those with health problems or concerns and for those who have suffered the loss of loved ones, sites where you can find the best red ginseng supplements. There are sites for those who are passionate about crafts like quilting or wood working. There are sites for those who love to travel. There are sites for different age groups from teens to seniors, and how to maintain healthy according to their age using equipment as a balance disc as well. The sites include chat software and a limited amount of space for posting pictures, documents and links per member. The free sites do not have such things as access to specialized data or lists. They don’t give access to such things as music lessons.

Paid for membership sites are set up by businesses or individuals with the objective of making money by supplying hard to find information, access to specialized data or lists, or instruction in various fields. Membership sites are owned and operated by people who either own the sites or who are hired by the site owners to monitor and administer them. The topics for paid for membership sites are even more varied than the free sites and certainly more specialized.

Starting a Paid Membership Site With WordPress

Wordpress membership Plugin

Whatever you call them – member only, membership, subscription, or mentor websites, they all have one thing in common. They are bringing in steady and constant cash flow for their owners, month after month, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The array of the topics of these websites is endless.

Some of these paid membership sites provide mentoring or coaching, others publish useful articles or information in a particular field or product. Still others publish the results of tests and studies or product reviews. Some membership sites provide specialized service or act as a meeting place for people with a common interest and then there are those that provide step-by-step instructions for such things as painting or music.

All these sites have one thing in common: to access the website (or the best information on the site) you have to pay for it! Which begs the question…why would anybody pay for information on the Internet?

The answer is simple. People buy information that they could probably find for themselves if they looked long enough and hard enough, because they want to save time or because they think the information will be better or more specialized or because the information just isn’t available to them unless they pay for it.

Just a few short years ago it was almost unheard of to charge for access to a website and almost no one was doing it. Today, however, it is the norm and not the exception. Actually we have Internet dating sites to thank for this huge money making opportunity.

The Internet dating industry began with free membership sites that were mostly populated by nerds, weirdoes and perverts. It was quickly discovered that ordinary people would gladly pay to have access to lists where the posters had been screened even just a little. Now people actually expect to pay for access to valuable.

WordPress For A Membership Website

WordPress is the most common blogging system in the world, it’s free and very easy to use, that’s why it’s the best. There are a lot of plugins to customize your WordPress. WP Members is the one of the best WordPress Membership Plugins that turns your WordPress into a full automated membership website in minutes.

7 Criterias For WordPress Membership Site Plugins


Building a membership site can be a great way to have a business based upon topics that you love and love to teach to other people. Membership sites can be extremely lucrative and, if structured correctly, easy to run especially if you tie it together with a content management system like WordPress.

Many people think of WordPress as just a blogging platform but with the thousands of developers that work on it, WordPress can be so much more. One of newer applications of WordPress is to use it as a membership site. There are a number of new companies creating WordPress membership site plugins but they are not made equal. When deciding whether one of the available options is right for you, be sure to filter your choices using the criteria below:

1- Membership Levels & Types: Your membership site can have as many “levels” as you want. So if you want “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can! Now you can charge more for a higher level of access – all within the same blog.

2- RSS Feed Encryption: WP Members allows you to provide members with full content via feeds without fear of non users accessing it. Using specially generated tokens to provide a unique url known only to the admin and the users people can add your sites content into their RSS reader.
3- Download Manager: Downloads in WP Members are protected through inherited permissions, this sounds complicated but it is not. When a download is created and needs to be protected it is assigned an existing page. Who ever can access that page can access the download even though the link to the download might be on hundreds of pages.

4- Payment Gateways: Some plugins work only with Paypal, which is a major limitation. WP Members works also PayPal, ClickBank and WorldPay.

5-Training & Support: Having a strong customer service function is important for any business. If you don’t notice an easy way to get in contact with the developer of the plugin then you should be concerned! Also, there should be training manuals or videos that teach you how to use the plugin.

6- Entire Blog Protection: In general settings in WP Members there is an option to disable access to guests, this will mean a Guest will be asked to redirect whenever they reach a WordPress post or page of any sort including the front page, categories etc. Once logged in the normal partial or full protection can be assigned to separate content depending on account types. This is a very draconian method of turning your site into a complete membership site and not recommended for normal use, instead use full post protection on all pages and posts barring sales pages.

7- Guarantee: Does the developer back their work? At minimum there should be a 30 money back guarantee with no strange and complex rules to get a refund. Beware if you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with their WordPress membership plugin.

What do you need to know to create a membership site?

The answer is so simple, you need a wordpress blog and our plugin, that’s all. You don’t need to know any html or php code information to create your membership site. Easy to use and full automated system will help you make money online fast.

What features do have our plugin?

Our WordPress Membership Plugin has;

Multiple Membership Levels
Customized Subcriptions
Full Automated Membership System
Easy Member Management System
Costomizable Error Messages
Login & Register Page Styling

About Our Plugin;

Your Members is a feature packed Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a WordPress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal.

More About WordPress Membership Plugin

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There are tons of strategies available as thousands and thousands of helpful articles abound on how to make the most money out of membership sites. What others tend to forget is that, there are 4 important pillars on what makes a membership site keen on money-making. Yes there are loads of tricks, try one, drop it if it’s not working, then move on to the next one. Read lol on at the 4 important pillars that you have to strengthen before you try out any trick.

1. Find a way to sustain the membership base.

As long as you have a paid membership website, it’s really a numbers game. Common but very successful are organic traffic, banner ads, PPC ads, and these tactics have time and again proved very consistent in terms of money making through a lot of referrals. The reason why affiliate marketing is so effective is due to the proposition that a new member won’t be able to earn if they don’t refer in a number of people, and the downlines go through the same. Bottom line, these tactics have brought in a very strong membership base that is ever sustaining. Of course new tricks will be available give it a few more years. But these have been proven over the decades and is still is working well now in league of legends terms of getting ahead with the numbers.

2. Work on your retention.

Now that you have a very strong base, it is equally important to have a strong retention rate. New members can sign up, pay now, and leave anytime – this is the general rule. Trick here is to keep them. Affiliate marketing has this in mind; members would not be able to earn if some or all of their referrals stop referring people. This is black hat; another way to do it is to reach out to all your members on a personal level. Know what they like, need and expect, plus the opportunity for them to earn in your membership website. Find out why members are not renewing membership. Promotions, marketing strategies, and earning opportunities are most of the time the driving motives on membership retention. This will also help you find out the exact kind of content you will need to gaming retain to keep sparking the interest, and the kind of information that you will need to dispose since it’s not doing well on retention.

3. Expand your profit base.

Up sell introductory products. Turn ideas into new products that will amaze people because it’s something new. Do not rely on membership alone but also sell other products and give great discounts on paying members. As long as your products are useful, you’ll be hitting a lot of birds with one stone.

4. Try other niches.

Explore partnerships, sponsorships, joint ventures, cross promotion, ad space selling, and other profit-generating exercises. This will not only boost your existing membership numbers but also, arising needs are suddenly covered. Some ventures may not produce the cash but if they’d be willing to give a complimentary gift to your members for promotion and exposure, that’s not so bad.

There are more ways to membership money making and as long as you know these 4 fundamentals of a online gaming strong membership base, effective retention, expanding profit base, and trying out other niches, money making off a membership site won’t be so difficult.

WordPress Membership Plugin

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